Claims Process


If you feel that damage to your equipment was caused by negligence or any direct action on our part, you may submit a written claim for damages. Your claim will be acknowledged within 5 business days of receipt by the Company. We will complete the necessary investigation and resolve your claim within 30 days.

Where a third party – such as an insurance company is involved, please note that we may require additional time.
Remember, damage to electrical equipment can be also be caused by faulty wiring and grounding on your premises. JPS will not be liable for damage resulting from personal neglect. Do your part and protect your electrical equipment.

JPS Guaranteed Standards (PDF)

In our ongoing quest to serve you better, JPS has undertaken to meet certain Guaranteed Service Standards, so you can be assured of the service quality to expect of us. The Guaranteed Standards are service targets agreed to by JPS and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), in fulfillment of our commitment to deliver prompt and efficient service to you. If we breach any of these Standards, you may make a claim. Please click the link (below) to view/download our Customer Claim Form.

Customer Claim Form (PDF, 68.8KB)

*IMPORTANT You will need Adobe Reader to view the file(s). Click here to download Adobe Reader.