The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited’s (JPS) connection to communities and the country is rooted deeper and stronger than its island-wide electricity grid and its network of power plants. JPS views its role as much larger than a utility company and have consistently supported Jamaica’s national development plans through community outreach.

The JPS Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Jamaica’s Energy Partner, JPS, and was established formally in October 2012 as the main channel for employee outreach initiatives and community development projects, thereby cementing its commitment to community and national development. The Foundation’s overall objective is to contribute to national development by supporting projects that will improve lives and strengthen communities. This is being achieved through careful selection of projects to ensure lasting impact, and through strategic partnerships with individuals and groups that share a similar vision for Jamaica. Guided by the Vision, “Unleash national growth and prosperity by being the not-for-profit partner of choice in Jamaica’s Energy Revolution”, the Foundation has mandated itself to “Improve lives and empower Jamaicans through charitable development projects in Energy Education, Conservation and Innovation.” In order to achieve these goals, the JPS Foundation continues to implement its own signature programmes and partner with international, government, non-government, community-based, and private sector organizations implementing projects in areas aligned to its Mission and three areas of focus: Energy Education, Science, Energy and Technology Innovation and Conservation & Energy Efficiency Awareness.
As major players in the development of Jamaica, JPS and its Foundation embraces the need to effect change in the nation and is supporting through the objectives of Jamaica’s Vision 2030 as well as the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The JPS Foundation received approved charity status in March 2016.