The Guaranteed Standards are a set of minimum service standards agreed on by the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) and JPS. If we fail to meet these Standards, and the failure is ours, you should claim for compensation.

A breach of a Guaranteed Standard results in a compensatory payment to the affected customer/account.

Breaches may attract automatic compensation by the utility provider or a claim submission by the affected customer.

Our Guarantee covers the following areas of service:

  1. The connection of electricity supply
  2. Response to emergency and service calls
  3. Billing punctuality
  4. Response to customer queries
  5. Reconnection after payment of overdue amounts
  6. Estimated Bills
  7. Estimation of Consumption
  8. Meter Replacement
  9. Billing Adjustment
  10. Wrongful Disconnection
  11. Reconnection after Wrongful Disconnection
  12. Meter Change
  13. Responding to Claims for Compensatory Payment