Thousands of Streetlights Repaired in 2017 JPS Continues to Work Closely with Parish Councillors

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Thousands of Streetlights Repaired in 2017 JPS Continues to Work Closely with Parish Councillors

Photo Courtesy of The Jamaica Observer

JPS is reporting that it has repaired thousands of streetlights, since the start of 2017.  As at October 31, the energy Company has repaired 16,277 streetlights islandwide.  This represents an average of over 1,600 repairs per month.  In addition to streetlight repairs, some 35,000 streetlights will be upgraded by the end of the year, to smart LED lights which are more energy efficient and have a longer service life.  The upgrading programme will eventually cover all 105,000 streetlights that the company owns across the island.  The smart LED streetlights will enhance monitoring and maintenance, as signals can be sent remotely from the streetlight to the Company, indicating that repairs are due, among other features.


While the Company continues to make every effort to repair streetlights, it has encountered several challenges with keeping the lights on.  These include the theft of lamps; wilful destruction of streetlights; electricity theft and the subsequent loss of lights and transformers.  The Company has also found that there are areas in which persons have deliberately knocked out, shot, or otherwise destroyed the lamps to create a cover for illegal activities.  Other lights have been lost when individuals seeking to illegally abstract electricity, tap unto the streetlights to power their homes. The streetlights, which are not designed to carry household loads, become burnt and destroyed.


Although the Company faces several challenges, JPS does however continue to work closely with the Government and in particular the local Parish Councillors, to meet the needs of customers.


On the matter of installation of new streetlights in communities, JPS is reminding persons that applications for streetlights are to be directed to the Ministry of Local Government, as the Company must be authorized by the Parish Council to install new streetlighting infrastructure. JPS continues to make every effort to engage stakeholders, while making use of new and innovative technologies to serve all Jamaicans.