Key Accounts

Key Accounts



In keeping with our efforts to provide superior customer service, JPS has introduced a more personalized service facility for our large myBusiness and industrial customers.

We have appointed three Key Account Managers, whose responsibility is to provide individualized, responsive and comprehensive service to assigned corporate clients to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. These accounts include the company’s largest energy users and chain accounts that have complex operations and unique business needs.

Under the programme,  our Key Account Manager (KAM) acts as the single point of contact with the Company. Each KAM is charged with getting to know his customers’ business, anticipating their needs, investigating queries, coordinating responses to their questions and concerns, creating customer-specific action plans and developing specific recommendations to improve customer satisfaction.

Key Account Services include providing:

  • A single point of contact/coordination for new connections and service upgrades.
  • Energy efficiency advice on blueprints and energy use analyses.
  • Energy management training and sensitization sessions for key staffers.
  • Billing analyses, rate comparisons and technical investigations.
  • Power quality monitoring and power factor correction support.

Key Account Managers through the direct contact programme will ensure that large customers are kept abreast of JPS’ operations, plans and programmes that may affect them.