Introducing JPS Pay As You Go


 Introducing Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go (PAYG) metering, also known as pre-paid metering, is a growing energy management tool in the utilities industry and within our region. There are a number of customer benefits making the tool a valued metering option in any utility’s product suite. At JPS, we are pleased to provide this option to our residential (Rate 10) and commercial (Rate 20) customers.

For now, meter installation will be limited to Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine, but we plan to offer PAYG islandwide very soon. Until then, 2,000 customers in these parishes will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of PAYG. These benefits include:

  • No more fees
  • No more deposit
  • No more disconnections
  • No more ‘surprise’ bill at the end of the month
  • No cost to switch to PAYG and no cost to switch back to post-paid
  • Easy Top-Up
  • Real time energy monitoring
  • Top up when you want with how much you want



Why Choose PAYG?

It’s Risk Free! PAYG is an energy management tool suited for customers who want to manage their energy usage and save money in the process. There’s no cost to switch and you can switch back for free if you find that PAYG is not the best fit for you.

Customers on PAYG have been saving an average of 35% on their monthly energy bill. If any of the following apply to you as a residential or commercial customer, then PAYG is the right metering service for you too!



  • I want to track my energy usage so I’m not surprised with a high bill at the end of the month
  • I want back my JPS deposit and I never want to pay a deposit again
  • I’m having difficulty staying on top my monthly light bill
  • I’m tired of missing my due date and being disconnected
  • I get paid irregularly so I prefer not to be held to a due date to pay my bill
  • I want to start paying for my electricity
  • I am a landlord and I don’t want the paperwork of granting permission for billing for every tenant
  • I am a landlord and I would like to eliminate the risk of my tenants’ non-payment of the electricity bills



  • I operate a small business
  • I operate a multi-purpose facility and would like users to be responsible for their own electricity (e.g. Public Parks, Community Centres, Sports Courts/Fields, Hairdressers/Barbers, etc.)
  • I operate a villa/guest house and I would love to pay for electricity only when it is occupied
  • I operate a facility that is not open every day and we have extended breaks (e.g. Schools, Churches, etc.)

Available Top Up Locations


Sign Me Up!

Now that you’ve decided that PAYG is right for you, simply choose any of the following methods to get started!

  • Sign Up Online Today!
  • Visit any one of our JPS Offices and ask for a Customer Service Representative
  • Call our 24-hour Customer Care Centre at 1-888-225-5577(LIME) or 1-888-935-5577 (Digicel)

As a special gift to you, your first 5kWhs is on us!

Need more time to decide? No problem, but remember there are a limited number of meters available. Give us a call or stop by one of our 15 JPS Parish Offices and we’ll walk you through the process so you make the decision that’s right for you.

We’re waiting to hear from you!