As part of our ongoing efforts to improve service to customers, JPS has launched a programme that focuses specifically on the delivery of service to customers with special needs.

Special Needs Customers are those who, by virtue of age, health, or a physical limitation,  need special assistance to access or use JPS’ services. The Special Needs Programme applies to both new and existing customers.

Under the Special Needs Programme, we provide customers who qualify  with E-Billing services and text message alerts when their bills become overdue. If you are a Special Needs Customer, on your request , we will make special arrangements for  you to collect your bill at the nearest JPS customer service office. Additionally, JPS is providing our customer service staff with training in appropriate skills to support their interaction and communication with you -who have special needs.

To benefit from the JPS Special Needs Programme, customers or their caregivers will need to register, by completing the JPS Special Needs Customer Registration & Certification form. They may then take the  completed form, along with a Disabilities ID to the nearest JPS office.
You may readily obtain registration forms from JPS parish offices, the JPS website, the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities, and the National Council for the Senior Citizen.