Net Billing

Net Billing  allows JPS customers who own renewable energy generators such as wind turbines and photovoltaic (solar) systems to generate electricity for personal use. It also permits them to  sell excess energy to JPS at wholesale or “avoided cost” prices set by the OUR. Explain avoided cost . The customer will however buy electricity at the existing rates as outlined in the Tariff Schedule.

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Net Billing is not the same as Net Metering. Under ‘Net Metering’ the renewable energy (wind or solar) which a customer generates for himself is metered (or measured), so that any excess electricity which is generated can be credited (or banked) to the customer’s account for future consumption. In practice, the meter will spin backward to compensate for any excess electricity generated; or forward, if the customer’s private supply is insufficient, and he/she needs additional electricity from JPS. In effect, the customer is selling electricity to JPS at the retail rate. For information from the OUR about Net Billing, visit the OUR website You can also view/download the following PDF documents:

Net Billing Application Checklist – View
This a list of various documents and payments required for participation in the Net Billing Program.

JPS Standard Offer Contract – View
This is the Standard Offer Contract for the purchase of as-available energy from intermittent renewable energy facilities of up to 100kW.

Net Billing Application Form –  View
This is the application form for license to supply as available intermittent energy from renewable energy facilities up to 100kW to the public electricity system and the application form for interconnection arrangement with JPS.

Net Billing High Level Process –  View
This document is a high level flow chart of Net Billing Process from the submission of application form to JPS to the end of the process.

Net Billing Technical Drawings Residential Commercial
These are sample drawings with “Special Notes” for guidance regarding the preparation of Net Billing system drawings for various residential and commercial configurations.

Approval Process For Grid Inverters View
This document is a flow chart of the approval process for grid inverters.

Generating Capacity To The Public Electricity Supply System View
Guidelines for the addition of generating capacity to the Jamaican electricity supply system.

Determination Of The Electricity Indicative Generation Avoided Costs View
This document outlines how the Electricity Indicative Generation Avoided Costs are determined.

Declaration Of Indicative Generation Avoided Costs View
This document sets out the Declaration of Indicative Generation Avoided Costs which is intended to be used as the basis of gauging the price at which alternative sources of electricity may be sourced, and to define the market values of electricity generated by various sources.

Standard Offer Contract Determination Notice View
This document sets out the OUR’s decisions regarding the provisions of a Standard Offer Contract which seeks to provide the opportunity to Jamaica Public Service Company Limited’s customers who generate electricity for their own use from renewable sources, to sell their excess energy to the national grid under a net billing arrangement.

BSJ Approved Inverter List View
This is a list of inverters approved for Net Billing Systems by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica.

Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) Requirements

    • GEI Basic Photovoltaic Guideline View
      This guideline contains the GEI Requirements for the inspection/ certification of Renewable Energy Grid-Tie Systems.
    • GEI Miscellaneous Installation Guideline View
      This guideline contains information that must be taken into consideration when designing photovoltaic (PV) grid-tie systems.
    • GEI Solar System Installation Standards View
      This standard contains the specific requirements for the installation of any photovoltaic systems of any (or every) circuit configuration.