JPS Foundation CSEC Industrial Technology (Electrical) Examination Fee Sponsorship Programme 2017 – Applications are now open from October 18 to 27, 2017.


JPS Foundation is pleased to invite qualifying schools to apply for the second year of exam fee bursary for the CSEC Industrial Technology (Electrical) Examination.

The Foundation continues to contribute to national development by supporting projects that will improve lives and strengthen communities. This is being achieved through careful selection of projects to ensure lasting impact, and through strategic partnerships with individuals and groups that share a similar vision for Jamaica.

In support of the national education objective of making a skills-based course mandatory for all high school students beginning the 2016/2017 Academic Year, the JPS Foundation has committed to pay the CSEC exam fees associated with Industrial Technology (Electrical), formerly Electrical and Electronic Technology, for yet another year.

This initiative will allow qualifying high school students the opportunity to sit at least one skill-based subject at the CSEC level at no cost to them and facilitate the increase in the number of students leaving the high school system with a certification in a practical skill-based subject in each academic year.


Qualifications for participation

  1. Schools should have an average pass rate of sixty percent (60%) or more over the past two (2) academic years in the subject area to qualify;
  2. Schools meeting the pass rate criteria must then have an average sit rate of ninety percent (90%) or higher to make the final list of qualifying schools;
  3. New entry schools (schools sitting the specified exam for the first or second time) must have an overall CSEC exam average sit rate of 90% over the past two (2) years until they have amounted two (2) years of data on the specific subject area;
  4. Only public/government aided high schools as well as private high schools that the government has placed students in will be considered;
  5. Students sitting the exams in qualifying schools should have an average of sixty percent (60%) or higher in the subject area; and
  6. Students must be sitting the exam with the qualifying school as a full-time student


Application and Confirmation Procedures

  1. Check the list of qualifying schools on any of the following platforms during the application period:
    1. MOE website
    2. JPS Website
    3. JPS Foundation Facebook Page
    4. JPS Foundation Twitter Page
    5. JPS Facebook Page
    6. JPS Twitter Page


  1. If the school is listed, the representative should complete the online form available in the same piece of communication on the platforms listed above.
    1. The Excel document at the end of this article is to be completed and saved as an Excel file before attempting to complete the online form
    2. The application form can only be completed online. The link is at the end of this article
    3. The online form will prompt the applicant to upload the Excel file
    4. Applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of application and detailing timelines for responses
  2. Applying schools will receive a package from the JPS Foundation and The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOE) with confirmation of acceptance, students accepted and amount being paid, within two weeks of the close of applications.
  3. A copy of the stamped confirmation page is to be taken to the OEC by their general submission deadline for all subjects. Packages will be stamped by JPS Foundation and MOE
  4. Payments will be made directly to the OEC by JPS Foundation


Please note that schools should not submit names of students who have not met the 60% average requirement in the subject area. Students falling below the average by no more than 2% may be considered based on circumstances. If this is done, the entire application will be rejected. The school representative completing the electronic application will be required to accept the terms upon completing the application ahead of submission.