JPS Foundation Lights the Way for Skills Training in High Schools

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September 27, 2016
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November 29, 2016
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JPS Foundation Lights the Way for Skills Training in High Schools

The JPS Foundation is entering into an agreement with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and the Overseas Examination Commission (OEC), to cover the cost of examination fees for students sitting the Electrical and Electronic Technology exams for the Caribbean Secondary Examinations Council (CSEC).  The initiative supports the Education Ministry’s requirement to have each student receive skill based knowledge or certification, by the time they leave high school.   The Foundation has been in contact with schools and now reminds them to send in their applications by October 27. Schools may apply by visiting the JPS Foundation’s website at


JPS Foundation Manager, Jacinth Morgan Collie, explains that, “participating schools must have an average pass rate of 60% or more over the past two academic years in the subject area, to qualify for the assistance.” She also points out that schools meeting the pass rate criteria must have an average sit rate (students who actually turn up and sit the exams) of ninety per cent or higher, to make the final list of qualifying schools.


New entry schools (schools sitting the exam for the first or second time), must have an overall CSEC exam average sit rate of 90 % over the past two  years, until they have accumulated two years of pass rate data on Electrical and Electronic Technology.  The Foundation Head also notes that only public or government aided high schools, as well as private high schools in which the government has placed students, will be considered.


Morgan Collie points out however, that the JPS Foundation will be helping to boost results at schools whose pass rate fall short of qualification.  “Schools which fall below the 60% average pass rate, by 10% or less, will be assisted with curriculum enrichment through qualified JPS Foundation Volunteers, at least twice during the school year, in addition to facilitating tours and other activities.


Mrs. Morgan Collie noted that career paths which are usually pursued by students sitting the Electrical and Electronic Technology exam, are occupations in science, technology and energy – such as electricians, engineers and other related fields.


The JPS Foundation is the philanthropic arm of JPS, the island’s chief energy services provider.  Established in October 2012, the Foundation is the main channel for the Company’s corporate social responsibility projects.