Net Billing will allow JPS customers who own renewable energy generators such as wind turbines and photovoltaic (solar) systems to generate electricity for personal use, as well as, sell excess energy to JPS at wholesale or “avoided cost” prices set by the OUR. The customer will however purchase electricity at the existing rates, as outlined in the Tariff Schedule.

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Questions and Answers
Net Billing is not the same as Net Metering. Under ‘Net Metering’ the renewable energy (wind or solar) which a customer generates for himself is metered (or measured), so that any excess electricity which is generated can be credited (or banked) to the customer’s account for future consumption. In practice, the meter will spin backward to compensate for any excess electricity generated; or forward, if the customer’s private supply is insufficient, and he/she needs additional electricity from JPS. In effect, the customer is selling electricity to JPS at the retail rate.

For information from the OUR about Net Billing, visit the OUR website. You can also view/download the following PDF documents: