AMI Metering

AMI Metering


In January 2008, JPS began replacing its older analogue meters with modern digital models (also called smart meters). The upgrade exercise known as the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project is being implemented on a phased basis over a three-year period beginning with large myBusiness and industrial companies. The AMI project will eventually extend to myHome customers.


  1. Improved Billing Efficiency: Daily meter readings will occur automatically and remotely, enabling more precise energy readings and power demand calculations. You can therefore expect your bills to reflect a higher level of billing consistency and accuracy.
  2. Fixed Billing Days: JPS will be able to read your meter on a fixed day each month regardless of whether the scheduled date for reading falls on a weekend or public holiday,thereby reducing variations in your billing cycle.
  3. Power Outage Detection & Restoration: Should the meter sense that power is unavailable, it will automatically transmit an e-mail alert to JPS. This will allow our Operations teams to resolve the problem more swiftly.
  4. Voltage Quality Monitoring & Management: The meter will also monitor the voltage quality delivered to customers and report violations for rapid emergency action.
  5. Better Demand Management: Data will be captured in real-time, and will enable large companies to analyze their load profile and determine how best to manage their peak demand for power. Details on how you can access this value added service will be available soon.

Some features will be implemented on a phased basis during the life of the project.


Companies that are selected for the AMI project will first be notified in writing, A JPS representative will contact you 3 – 5 days in advance to schedule a site visit by our service technicians. In some cases a short outage may be necessary during the installation. Affected customers will be advised of this disruption beforehand. AMI installations should be completed within  half an hour. We will provide the necessary technical and customer support to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new metering infrastructure.


For details on how to read your new AMI meter, please send requests to One of our service professionals will contact you directly.