Advertising on Poles

Advertising on Utility Poles

business_utilitypole_adsOur utility poles form a critical part of the electricity distribution system. They support overhead wires, cables, streetlights and related equipment that help to bring you power.
JPS prohibits  the placement of banners and posters on our light posts as this can create unsafe conditions such as:

  • heavy material causing light poles to topple resulting in damage to lives and property
  • advertisers becoming entangled with electricity wires resulting in electrocution
  • JPS technicians/linemen being hampered when carrying out maintenance efforts as the banners and posters impede their access to the poles.

The Company has, however, allowed advertisers the right to place ads on select light posts centered on special medians throughout greater Kingston and some major thoroughfares across the island. These light poles are free of power lines and are therefore safe for this activity.

This initiative focuses on large advertisers who can agree to a year-long contract for a minimum of 100 posts. Advertisers must follow the licensing process of the relevant government agencies to gain approval to place signs on the posts. Advertisers also have the responsibility of selling advertising space to smaller retailers.

There are limitations on the availability of poles and specific terms and conditions apply.

For further information contact Odette Ingram at our Engineering & Technology Department at (876) 937-9241 or by email