Senior Vice President, Energy Delivery

As an experienced Executive with a strong results-oriented focus, Sheree has spent the last fifteen years driving strategies geared towards increasing business value. Known as an inspiring and strategic leader with the proven ability to establish effective teams, she has a track record of achievements in the areas of Business Strategy, Marketing, Risk Management, Organizational Transformation and Corporate Innovation.

After a distinguished career at the NCB Group, Sheree decided to join the JPS Company Limited in January 2014. She was appointed to the executive team to lead Human Resources, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Revenue Management, Customer Service and Communications. The company recorded significant improvements in its survey ratings for Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction while she headed those portfolios. During her time overseeing HR, Sheree placed an expanded focus on Leadership Development by spearheading a new Hi-Potential Program called JPS i-Lead, which exposed select employees over a 12 month period to advanced leadership competencies, knowledge building, executive mentoring and targeted on-the-job training.

Recognizing the intrinsic value of productive and well-rounded employees, Sheree also introduced the first company-wide corporate wellness program at JPS. The program, which started in 2015, has been a contributing factor to improved staff morale and reduced health care costs.

In mid-2016, Sheree was re-assigned to lead the Transmission, Distribution and Supply operations across the island. She is now fully engaged in ensuring Jamaica has a reliable grid and additional energy delivery options, by improving the planning and execution capabilities of her team of Engineers and others. In addition to Operations, she also leads the Energy Solutions business unit which provides renewable energy systems and energy management services to JPS customers.

Sheree is married to successful business owner, Wayne and together they have two daughters. She is a board member of the Convent of Mercy Academy (Alpha), e-Media Interactive Limited and Allied Insurance Brokers. In 2016, Sheree was named as Jamaica’s representative in the IWF Global Fellows Program for women leaders.